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Bry-Air was founded in 1964 and has been a customer-focused leader in the field of environmental control systems for over 50 years.  The Company is a leading manufacturer of desiccant dehumidifier products and services for technically complex applications with critical quality requirements in both industrial and commercial markets.  A worldwide presence has been developed to better serve our many global customers.

Bry-Air’s manufacturing facility is located in Sunbury, Ohio with affiliate locations in India, Brazil, Malaysia, Switzerland, China, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Bangladesh. Throughout the world, the company maintains a network of more than 400 representatives in 145 countries.

Our Story


Our success has been and will continue to be based on providing our customers with solutions to their most difficult moisture related challenges in a way that makes it easy to do business with us.  We will constantly strive to contribute our technical and practical expertise to each customer focused partnership promptly, accurately and professionally.

We know you will be satisfied with our response to your needs.  In fact, I guarantee it!  My name is Mel Meyers and I am the Owner and CEO of Bry-Air.  If you are not completely satisfied, contact me at or call me at 877-427-9247.



With representatives around the world Bry-Air is ready to help you with solving your moisture control or environmental control & conditioning needs.
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