Bry-Air, Inc. Launches New Website & Online Store
New website & online store announcement graphic by Bry-Air, Inc., a leading manufacturer of desiccant dehumidifiers for commercial and industrial applications.

We are proud and excited to announce the launch of our new e-commerce website, where you’ll find information regarding our wide range of commercial and industrial desiccant dehumidification products and services, including an online shop where you can easily purchase our MiniPAC® line of dehumidifiers. 

Our old website was great, but it was definitely time for an upgrade. Building our new e-commerce website, our main goals were to present a clean and fresh appearance and to provide an exciting and informative user experience, and that’s exactly what we hope you’ll find here. 

In addition to a fresh look and improved user experience, our new website features an online shop where you can order any one of our MiniPAC® desiccant dehumidification units, an informative blog, responsive web design, easy navigation, and connectivity to our social media channels. You’ll also find tons of great photos and videos that offer an inside look at how Bry-Air helps our customers solve climate conditioning issues throughout their commercial and industrial applications. 

Thanks so much for stopping by our website. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or encounter any problems with the new site and we will follow up with you right away. 


Bry-Air, Inc.


AtmosAir Bipolar Ionization solutions partnership announcement blog post header graphic by Bry-Air Inc;, a desiccant dehumidification and environmental challenges solutions expert serving the United States & Canada.

Bry-Air, Inc. Introduces New Equipment Option – AtmosAir Bipolar Ionization

Unlike most air purification systems, AtmosAir™ seeks out and neutralizes the contaminants at their source. This is vastly superior to most air purification methods because it works “in the space” where we work and play.

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MiniPAC® Desiccant Dehumidifiers inventory arrival announcement graphic date April of 2021

MiniPAC® Desiccant Dehumidifiers – In Stock and Ready to Ship

Contact us today for more information!  

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Bry-Air Introduces New Equipment Option – BPI

AtmosAir Bipolar Ionization Airflow passes through our patented AtmosAir bipolar ionization tube. The tube energizes the air to form bipolar — positive and negative — …

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