Research & Development Lab Services

Did you know Bry-Air, Inc. has an environmental chamber for product and desiccant testing?  The Bry-Air R&D lab offers complete environmental testing and moisture analysis capabilities to allow for customer product / process testing.

The equipment used to perform lab testing and document the results is as follows:

Environmentally Controlled Chamber Capabilities:

  • Temperature capability: 45-130 °F
  • Relative Humidity capability: 1-95%
  • Moisture Analyzer: 0.001% to 80% moisture content range by weight.

Data Logging System:

  • Temperature: 8 points, type J thermocouple
  • Dew point: 3 points, 4-20 mA input

Miscellaneous Capabilities:

  • Air flow measurement
  • Pressure measurement

Lab Services / Drying tests available by request.  Contact us today to price a solution for you and your product.

  • Desiccant Evaluation: $ Contact us for pricing
  • Desiccant Performance Test: $ Contact us for pricing
  • Product Moisture Analysis: $ Contact us for pricing

Specialized Testing:

  • Hourly rate: $ Contact us for pricing/hr
  • Daily Rate: $ Contact us for pricing/day
  • One time material costs: Price quoted as required for specialized testing.

Note: All specialized testing to be quoted prior to acceptance of purchase order by Bry-Air. Quote will include a priced proposal along with a testing scope document and a timeline for completion of agreed upon testing.  Specialized testing can include items such as investment casting drying time reduction, product drying recipe development and many other applications.

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