Bry-Air, Inc. environmental control systems allow for a safer and more comfortable environment by efficiently controlling the indoor air quality. In many health care facilities, there is a necessity to assure good indoor air quality, thus large quantities of outside air must be brought into the building through the ventilation system. This outside air can …

Environmental Temperature Control Systems for Hospitals and Infirmaries Read More »


Bry-Air, Inc. environmental control systems allow for precise control, which leads to increased sales, increased employee productivity and retention, and fewer complaints. Think it\\\’s difficult to increase sales, employee productivity and retention as well as receive fewer overall complaints? This is every owner/manager\\\’s goal and it is possible. Through some simple changes – focusing on …

Air Conditioning and Dehumidification Systems for the Restaurant Industry Read More »


Bry-Air, Inc. environmental control systems allow for consistent control to efficiently prevent the effects of humidity on yeast. Brewing requires large amounts of heat, water and malted grain. All of these components are necessary for growing yeast which turns natural sugars into alcohol. In a brewery, yeast is a beneficial fungus, however, if ambient humidity levels …

Dehumidification Control System for Mold & Fungus Prevention in the Brewing Industry Read More »

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